5 Reasons Why Should Repair Your Blinds Yourself

The list below  includes reasons why we believe you should consider repairing your blinds instead of buying new ones!.

1. Cost efficient: Buying new made to measure blinds could cost you anything between £70 to £250 whilst fixing your broken ones will cost you a fraction of that!

2. Maintain existing look: Whilst you may be looking to change your blinds, you might not find something that is as elegant as your existing blind, so by fixing them you get to maintain the existing interior look of your room

3. Learning a new DIY skill: repairing blinds is a simple DIY skill and an easy skill that anyone can learn.

4. Modifying functionality: whether your looking to make your blinds safer, more robust or add an element of elegance.

5. Saves you time: Getting a bespoke blind delivered to you could take upto 10working days whereas your replacement blinds parts could take

Don't Delay, Fix Your Broken Blinds Today!