Fixing Your Vertical Blinds

Fixing your vertical blinds is a straight forward task, it can be tricky if its your first time, so we have summarised the steps to clarify it all
The first step to fix your vertical blind is to identify the type (two main systems in the UK market today) the narrow system 28/29/30mm and the wide classic body 39/40mm. You can measure the width of your headrail to identify which of the two systems your blind is. The second step is to figure operation, vertical blinds are either wand or chain operated. Finally if the issue is in a part inside the headrail we recommend you dismantle the slats/louvers first before detaching the blinds from the brackets. Clip brackets are easily dismantled, however the shallow ones require loosening with a screw driver. Once that’s complete. You can place the headrail facing upwards and diagnose, by gently trying to operate the blind, Take out the broken part and replace with a brand new one.